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    namespace for ComplexType from Java to WSDL

    Yulin Dong Newbie

      I am trying to create an EJB web service using JBoss with NetBeans (create web service and then generate WSDL). I have a Java class ArrayOfString within package developer.foo.com as follows

      package com.foo.developer;
      public class ArrayOfString {
       protected java.lang.String[] str;
       public ArrayOfString() {
       public ArrayOfString(java.lang.String[] string) {
       this.str = string;
       public java.lang.String[] getString() {
       return str;
       public void setString(java.lang.String[] str) {
       this.str = str;

      This corresponding type in WSDL is used by a message (in WSDL) element. The schema type generated within the WSDL document based on the Java code is as follows:

      <schema elementFormDefault='qualified'
       <import namespace='http://developer.foo.com/'/>
       <complexType name='ArrayOfString'>
       <element maxOccurs='unbounded' minOccurs='0' name='string' nillable='true' type='string'/>

      From above, you can see that targetNamespace='http://developer.foo.com/jaws'. However, what I need is to make the targetNamespace to be http://developer.foo.com/.

      Can you help me to make this work? How can I instruct the code to make the targetNamespace to be http://developer.foo.com/?