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    JBossWS Client Without J2EE components

    danthony74 Newbie


      I'm looking to deploy a Webservice client as part of a J2EE application. I want to deploy it as a static service class (or something similarly lightweight) rather than EJB's or other heavier components, and I want to keep it out of the presentation layer.

      I'm trying to deploy the service class, plus the generated classes and CML into a jar, which is in turn part of a WAR.

      Having generated the classes, and built the service class, it looks like my jaxrpc-mapping.xml file is not being picked up, I've tried putting it in various locations in the jar, including root and with the classes.

      So... is it possible to deploy JBOSSWs in this manner (and use the generated classes - as opposed to the Calls etc), or do I need to use a SessionBean or Servlet, so I can have a ServiceRef - all the documentation looks to be around J2EE artifacts.

      Thanks very much in advance.