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    new to jbossws

    santhoshitha gokul Newbie

      I am new to jbossws and web services in general. I have been able to follow the userguide and get my server side artifacts generated properly(usng wstools) and my deployment in the server is also fine. i am able to obtain the wsdl once the service is deployed successfully on the server, and now, i am trying to connect via a client.
      I intend to use a static java process client and not a j2ee client(although j2ee is recommended in the user guide). I do not know how to configure the service reference and consume the service from my static java client. I am however able to accomplish the same using DII. I would like to know if there is any API for this purpose, and whether it is only possible to use DII if not.
      If there are any links to source codes and samples, with illustrations in detail, it will be a big help.
      Thanks in advance.