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    SuggestionBox and commandButton

    Aditya Karanth Newbie

      Hi All,

      We have a situation, wherein a user has no clue at all what to search for using a suggestionbox , I would want to make a trip to backing bean and retrieve some default suggestions or click on a command button next to the suggestionBox to retrieve the list.

      I was partly successful though I am not sure whether its the right approach. I created an actionListener to the commandButton wherein I created a synthetic AjaxSuggestionEvent with a default value and put it in the Eventsqueue. I get a successful XHResponse to the commandclick with all the values required. But, I have not been able to render the SuggestionBox pop with the response.

      This might look like a trivial question but I have been spending some days and sleepless nights on this.

      BTW, I did try to call the onComplete function of Rich SuggestionBox through the onComplete of the commandButton, but in vain..

      Any help from the community appreciated.