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    newbie doubt about jbossws client stubs

    santhoshitha gokul Newbie

      I have read that web service clients can use the dynamic proxy, dynamic invocation or static stub invocation methods to use the services.

      I dont find any samples or documentation illustrating the stub and tie invocation mechanism for jbossws. I am trying to use a standalone java application which tries to use the web service running in jboss, using the stub and tie mechanism. I am able to perform look up and invocation using dynamic proxy and DII however.

      Are there any tools present in jbossws to use this invocation mechanism?
      Am I missing something? I presume that the client stub contains an implemetaion of the SEI, and wstools does not return any SEI implementation when doing a wsdl to java generation. It returns 2 interfaces, one is the SEI and another is a service interface(which i dont know how to interpret, and where it is used).
      I am using jboss AS version 4.0.5.

      Have I misinterpreted something or is my understanding right?
      Any guidance in this regard will be appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.