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    how to generate WSDL and make it customisable as much as pos

    Peter Kovgan Newbie


      I have 2 "simple" questions:

      1) Is there proper way to generate WSDL that fits?

      This is a simple question, but it seems there is no simple answer.

      wstools ,for example, produces wsdl that every parameter name in message follows convention Type_1, Type_2...

      But if I really need real parameter names, or I need customize those names, what can I do? Use annotations of JSR 181? OK, but in such a case I lose my ability to customize wsdl beyond annotation scope!

      How can I customize ANY or almost ANY aspect of WSDL???

      2) Who(what) is really responsible for automated generation of WSDL on JBOSS AS? I need this handle to (may be) force it to customize its behaviour. Can I?
      Thanks a lot!