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    Developing services using JBossWS 2.0

    David Win Newbie

      Hey guys

      I was wondering if there is documentation on developing Web services for JBossWS 2.0 (on JBoss 4.x).

      Previously, I used the SOAPui plugin (bundled with JBossEclipse) to generate the WSDL and the objects (webservices.xml, the request/response classes, etc) associated with the deployed webservice. The SOAPUi uses wstools to generate the webservice (it also generated the wstool-config.xml) .

      I am guessing the build process is not exactly the same as JBossWS 1.x due to the absence of the jaxrpc-mapping.xml and webservices.xml. Could somebody help me out with the build process of JBossWS 2.0.

      Any info or direction towards documentation would be greatly apperciated.