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    Using JBossWS (JAXWS) and question about nillable web parame

    David Win Newbie

      Hey guys

      I am exposing a stateless session bean as a webservice

      Is there a way to make a parameter nillable or non nillable via annotations, such that in the wsdl it comes out as a parameter is non-nillable.

      Although the following class is not valid because @WebParam annotation does not have a nillable feature. But is there a way to do the following?

      public class foo{

      public void bar (@WebParam (name="x", nillable = false)){
      System.out.println ("x");

      I was thinking of maybe predefining the wsdllocation of @WebService annotation to have the wsdl that has the parameter as nillable=false. What do you guys.