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    EJB3 and JBossWS (JAXWS), is WSgen even needed for bottom to

    David Win Newbie

      Hey guys

      I relatively new to web services

      I am deploying a stateless session bean (EJB 3.0) on JBoss 4.0.5 with JBossWS 1.2 (JAXWS). Bottom to top development.

      I use the @WebService and @webmethod annotation on my EJB with no real config files (other than the application.xml). I deploy the EJB in a jar which is inside an EAR.

      I've read some JAXWS (from Sun) and it seems that they use wsgen to generate the WSDL and request/response classes. However, I could deploy the EJB on Jboss with JBossWS 1.2 without doing the wsgen. The WSDL appears without me even generating it and the web service seems to work fine.

      Basically, to deploy a webservice in the new JAXWS...all I really needed was to mark an EJB with @webservice annotation. No WSDL generation. No need for the response, request classes. I am not sure what goes on internally (run time generation of the handlers and WSDL).

      From reading the developer forums, there is work for wsimport but no mention of wsgen.

      Basically, to do a bottom to top with EJB3.0 and the @webservice annotation...there is no need for wsgen? However, sun's tutorial for jaxws requires an invocation of wsgen to generate the wsdl and handler classes ( found here: http://www.netbeans.org/kb/50/jaxws20.html)