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    jbossws 1.0.4 kills my MBean

    Doug Palmer Newbie

      I guess something has changed that you weren't expecting to affect users. I have written a Deployer MBean that reads an xml file; builds a war file based on the xml file and then deploys the war file as a JSR109 web service. This MBean works with all previous versions of JBossWS from 1.0.0 to 1.0.3. Unfortunately, upgrading to JBossWS breaks the MBean.

      When my MBean has built the new war file it calls:

      mainDeployer.deploy(new DeploymentInfo(warFile.toURL(), di, server));

      mainDeployer is inherited from org.jboss.deployment.SubDeployerSupport.
      warFile is a java.io.File created in the tempDeployDir (which is also inherited from org.jboss.deployment.SubDeployerSupport).
      di is the DeploymentInfo passed by the main deployer to my MBeans create method.
      server is the javax.management.MBeanServer inherited from org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport.

      In all previous versions of JBossWS this would result in the war file being deployed as a web service by the appropriate deployer. However, in 1.0.4, the main deployer hands the war to the tomcat deployer and skips the web service deployment.

      Does anyone know what has change to cause this problem? Is there a workaround that I can use?