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    Type class generation in JBoss WS 1.0.4

    Tejas Jani Newbie

      I have a fairly complex wsdl and xsd from which I am trying to generate the webservice artifacts.

      I am trying to use wstools (via Soapui eclipse plug-in) to generate the JBossWS artifacts. I am seeing some strange behaviour which I had some questions about:

      (1) If I generate type classes using JAXB xjc compiler, from the XSD file, can I use these classes to map to xml elements in the schema ? If yes, how do I do that ? OR am I forced to use the type classes generated by wstools ?

      (2) Looks lke wstools also generates type classes as part of the artifact generation process. Am I forced to used these classes in the service implementation ?

      (3) If I were to try and use the JAXB generated classes instead of wstools generated classes, is it possible in 1.0.4 ?

      thanks in advance