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    Web services and stateful session

    Andrea Giovannini Newbie

      I'm working with JBoss 4.0.5 and the embedded JBoss Web Service support.
      I have to expose as web services some functionalities of an existing J2EE application with stateful session management, i.e. I've a javax.ejb.Handle object which references my session and this handle must be passed to every method of the business logic EJBs.
      - how can I expose this Handle object to a web service client?
      javax.ejb.Handle is not supported by JAX-RPC so I was considering serializing this object (e.g. base64 encoding). Is there any better method?

      - I serialized my handle object to a file and it's less then 400 bytes: is that the average size of a serialized JBoss javax.ejb.Handle?

      - is there any standard, implemented by JBoss 4.0.5, for a web service conversation?
      I'd like to have my web service client making the following calls:
      perform login
      request one or more service (each one once or more times)
      perform logout

      Maybe I'm wrong but I think that my model doesn't fit in BPEL (I can't know in advance which and how many services a client will call between login() and logout())... Any suggestion?

      Thanks in advance,