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    Architecture question

    Robert Lamie Newbie

      I'd know your point of view of the current needs expressed by a customer of mine.
      From an existing workflow engine (JBoss jBPM), he'd like to consume web services from another company (so-called A). Moreover, the company A could call our own web services (not yet implemented), as a delayed response to our own calls.

      I imagine the following strategy :

      Company A <------ws-------> Application X to be developped <---------> JBoss jBPM

      My questions :
      - Application X should be isolated as a sort of gateway application ?
      - What is the best choice :
      1/ Application X is a simple webapp with any soap stacks (xfire, jax-ws 2.1, ...). Communication between Application X and JBoss jBPM is based on web service
      2/ Application X is an ejb application (jBoss), and then, the application must(?) rely on jBoss WS. Communication between Application X and jBoss JBPM is based on remote ejbs.
      3/ does jBoss support jax-ws 2.1 ?

      Thank you a lot for your support.