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    JBossWS 1.0.X, JAX-WS compliant JBossWS 2.0 and services com

    Andrea Giovannini Newbie

      I'm starting in these days to develop new web services for an existing J2EE application and I'm considering using JBoss 4.0.5 and the embedded JBossWS 1.0.3 support. Will my web services be compatible with the new JAX-WS compliant web service stack in JBoss 5??

      If now I use JAX-WS RI with JBoss 4, will the migration to JBoss 5 and the JAX-WS compliant JBossWS be easier?

      Is it possible, in JBossWS 1.0.X and 2.0 (JAX-WS in general), to commit to a WSDL and not to a Java endpoint? That would solve my problem...
      What do you think?

      Thanks in advance,