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    Little problem with JBoss_4_2 branch / JBossWS-1.2.0.CR2

    Frank Heldt Newbie

      Hi folks,

      i had some spare time and wanted to give the JBoss_4_2 branch (with jbossws-1.2.0.CR2) a try. I checked out from svn, build and run went smooth.

      Then i wanted to test one of my Webservice-SLSB. It uses JSR-181 with some simple classes and runs well under 4.0.5.GA-ejb3 with a .NET 2.0 client app.

      Now the problem: When i regenerate the Webservice in Visual Studio 2005, all generated class names are beginning lowercase! Looking at the wsdl shows that it's JBossWS "fault" (jbossws-1.0.4 doesn't do this).

      The question now: Is this intended behavior? (then i have to change a lot of code...) If so, is there any option to change this? Or is it just a bug?

      Thanks in advance