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    using collections and complex types in web services

    santhoshitha gokul Newbie

      i am trying to use jax-ws for my web service. i have to invoke a remote method that accepts a java.uitl.List(SecurityAttr is a user defined class) as one of the parameters. i would like guidance in this regard.

      1) is it possible to use jax ws for this purpose? if so, how should the complex types and collection classes be serialised?
      2) i dint find much guidance or tutorials in this regard. i would be really happy if i could be directed to some documents/samples.
      3) as of now i have deployed the server side of the service and i try to connect using a jax rpc client. running wstools from the client, for wsdl to java generation, gives me a class called list along with the SEI and mapping files. i dont know how to use this. i am using the servicefactoryimpl class provided by jbossws to use the jaxrpc-mapping file, but the list class doesnt accept any parameters. hence if i connect from the client and try to pass a List, it doesnt help.

      Kindly guide me. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.