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    JNDI Configuration for a JBoss Cluster

    Mangesh Pardeshi Newbie

      We have JBoss set up for a cluster with 2 nodes. We use a load balanced IP to access the cluster. My question is: When configuring the naming provider URL in jndi.properties should we use the server IP (which will be different for each node) or the load balanced name (same for a cluster) given that the client application is required to use the load balanced name to look up an EJB?

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          Raj Tiwari Newbie

          A simple ab initio analysis of your situation tells me that you should use the load balanced IP in your jndi.properties and not the individual server IP. Otherwise, you might as well not have the load balancer in there.

          My thinking is that its a better idea to front the web tier with a load balancer for dealing with the outside world. Between your web and business tier, however, you should let HA JNDI do its thing.