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    JAX-WS 2.1

    Pumuckl Eder Newbie


      I like JBoss very much. And because of this I don't want to change my AppServer environment. Now I want to use Webservices in my project. And I would like to use full functionality and complatibility of the original JAX-WS 2.1 implementation of Sun.

      Is it possible to insert JAX-WS 2.1 Webservice API into JBoss?
      And what I have to do for acitivating it?

      Thank you,
      Werner Hofmann

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          kot Newbie

          Hello Werner

          I have the same problem.
          Do you already know, how to do it?


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            Pumuckl Eder Newbie

            Hallo Harald,

            No, I don't have.
            The Webservices which I had made with Netbeans. With Java client I had also packed the JAX-WS Libs. But I had some problems with other Languages e.g. Delphi as client. I couldn't read the data from the Delphi-Client.

            The default ant-Task in Netbeans is using JAX-WS. But there are problems with namespace-setting. The program wsconsume from JBossWS is better then wsgen from JAX-WS(pure) I think.

            So I try now to use completely JBossWS.
            And I have to try hopefully that there are no problems with Delphi any more.