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    JBossWS-1.2.0.GA Installer available

    Thomas Diesler Master

      We have replaced the manual install procedure for jbossws-1.2.0.GA with an automated install script. The updated binary distribution is available on the project download page


      Version: jbossws-1.2.0.GA

      Installation instructions

      This distribution ships with JBoss binaries for JDK1.4 and JDK1.5.
      Please make sure your chose the right distribution that fits your target JDK.

      In order to install JBossWS the following steps are necessary:

      1.) Copy ant.properties.examples to ant.properties
      2.) Modify the target container location in ant.properties
      3.) Execute one of the following

      ant deploy-jboss50
      ant deploy-jboss42
      ant deploy-jboss40
      ant deploy-jboss40-jdk14
      ant deploy-tomcat

      Please consult the wiki for detailed up to date install instructions

      After the jbossws.sar is deployed you should be able to access JBossWS under

      If you have any questions, please post to the userforum:

      The JBossWS Team