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    JBossWS1.2.0GA - Jaxrpc changes to the SOAP message not repl

    Sujeet Banerjee Newbie

      I am using SAAJ API to modify the request SOAP message in the endpoint jaxrpc handler. The modified message it targetted to a JSE endpoint. However, the changes are not reflected in the invocation of the endpoint. That is, the endpoint receives unadulterated message, as if there were no handler interception.

      I'd like to know if JBossWS jaxrpc handler are only meant for readonly operation to the inbound SOAP message. Contrast to that, pther appservers like, Websphere/Weblogic allow modification to inbound/outbound SOAP messages using jaxrpc handlers.

      Is there a way to achieve this using JBossWS?