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    How to make XML processeing by myself using contract first (

    Oskar Carlstedt Novice


      After reading a lot of posts I cannot find anything that really helps me here. So, time for a question.

      I have my WSDL file that uses types/schema/import... to import new schema types. Now I want to create a session bean (or whatever else) that can handle this request using xml beans as data binding. I want to use xml beans because I have a lot of other xml processing in my code using xml beans, therefore xml beans is the most correct choice in this solution.

      As I can see it is very hard to write a mapping file using xml beans directly. Is it possible at all? A more practical way to go is to use a method SOAPElements, e.g. a method like:

      public SOAPElement doSomething(SOAPELement theRequest) {

      MyXmlObject myXmlObj = SomeUtils.convertToMyXmlObject(thRequest);


      MyXmlResponseObject myXmlResponseObj = ...

      return SomUtils.convertToSoapElement(myXmlResponseObj);


      Is this the way to go? Have anyone of you out here done this using the new JbossWS implementation (not the old axis based ws4ee). I can't proceed using trial and error here, it will take too long. I tried the following:

      I tried to put javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement as java types in the jaxrpc mapping file. In Jboss4.0.5GA with JBossWS 1.2.0GA all request where mapped corectly, but it is impossible to send responses. The log says cannot find parameter ... for type javax.xml.soap.SOAPELement.

      Then I tried to remove all sub types (only top messages where left types typed) left mapped. Then I couldn't deploy my service. A lot of missing type mapping errors occurred in the log..