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    JAX-WS, possible bug? WSDL-file must be located in WEB-INF/w

    Oskar Carlstedt Novice


      I don't know if this is a bug or the implementation is according to the specification. Anyhow, when running a JAX-WS web service having the wsdlLocation attribute set to an http-location I get an error when parsing the schema.

      The wsdl has a relative schema import, so changing it to a absolute path might fix the problem. Did it, now I got the error saying the wsdl file must be located in the WEB-INF/wsdl folder.

      I just wonder if this behavior is according to the specification, or if it is a bug. If it is a bug, I can report it to the Jira. I just want to make sure it is a bug before doing so.