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    Issue with dotNet client and Credentials

    Richard K Newbie

      Hello all,
      I have tried the JSR-181 EJB Endpoint example at http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbossws/user-guide/en/html/endpoints.html with .Net as a client. Following the example, everything works great. Now when I try to add authentication to it by adding annotations:

      @WebContext(authMethod="BASIC", transportGuarantee="NONE", secureWSDLAccess=false)

      I get a "The request failed with HTTP status 505: HTTP Version Not Supported." error at the .Net client. Here is some of that code.
      MagicService ms = new MagicService();
      ms.PreAuthenticate = true;
      CredentialCache creds = new CredentialCache();
      creds.Add(new Uri(ms.Url), "BASIC", new NetworkCredential("kermit", "thefrog"));
      ms.Credentials = creds;

      Any thoughts? Do I need to add the file ServerHandlers.xml somewhere in my jar file, do I need the jboss-wsse-server.xml file already? I am trying to do everything in small steps, was just adding the annotations too small of a step?

      Richard K.