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    Accessing a .NET web service from JBoss 4.0.4

    Tony Cruickshank Newbie

      Hi all,

      I hope someone here help me with a problem I have accessing a
      .NET web service from a JBoss J2EE application. Everything seems
      to be okay up to the point where I try to access the first method
      when I get the following exception...

      java.rmi.RemoteException: Call invocation failed: Target endpoint address not set; nested exception is:
      org.jboss.ws.WSException: Target endpoint address not set
      at org.jboss.ws.jaxrpc.CallImpl.invokeInternal(CallImpl.java:719)
      at org.jboss.ws.jaxrpc.CallImpl.invoke(CallImpl.java:398)
      at org.jboss.ws.jaxrpc.CallProxy.invoke(CallProxy.java:164)

      Any advice on where I need to look to correct this problem
      gratefully received.



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          Tony Cruickshank Newbie

          Hi All,

          Resolved. The WSDL file I was generating from contained soap12
          artefacts. Though the JBoss wstools generated the mapping and
          java successfully, at run time the server log contained the

          WARN [org.jboss.ws.metadata.wsdl.WSDLDefinitions] Multiple WSDL bindings referrence the same interface:

          Removing all the soap12 information from the WSDL and starting
          again with wstools fixed the problem.


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            Michael Wallis Newbie

            Tony (and other interested parties),
            Along the same topic of yielding the warning of "Multiple WSDL bindings ...", you were able to remove the soap12 artifacts from the WSDL. Thus, you have your local copy to modify for your own processing. In a more dynamic approach, do you know of any way to programmatically control the "ignoring" of the soap12 information?After using wsconsume with my WSDL file, a warning was provided about using an extension flag (i.e., -extension) but the wsconsume online documentation, from what I can find, does not disclose such information. I am using wsconsume to hit a web service for it's WSDL and during it's processing, the following information / warning is provided:

            [WARNING] Ignoring SOAP port "LKMLookupWebServiceSoap12": it uses non-standard SOAP 1.2 binding.
            You must specify the "-extension" option to use this binding.
            line 528 of http://localhost/LKMLookup/LKMLookupWebService.asmx?WSDL

            Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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              Tony Cruickshank Newbie

              Hi Michael,

              In my case I didn't need a dynamic way of modifying the WSDL. I pulled it from the URI, modified it by hand, added it directly to my web application and in my code set WSDL URI to my local copy instead of to the remote (broken) copy.

              Sorry I can't be more help.