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    Losing soap request after it gets to server

    Alex Boyer Newbie

      I can see my soap request getting to the server in the log file. But by the time that sei impl has the method invoked on it the request java object is null. One thing I noted is that the log notes that when the xml type is deserialized to the java type the java type does not have the package name of the request wrapper. It has a jaxws on the end of it. So if my request wrapper that was generated from wsconsume has fully qualified name of com.company.ws.RequestWrapper the log file notes:
      2007-04-10 18:15:53,705 DEBUG [org.jboss.ws.core.soap.XMLContent] getObjectValue [xmlType={http://company.com/ws}request,javaType=class com.company.ws.jaxws.RequestWrapper]
      I don't see this class com.company.ws.jaxws.RequestWrapper in my war so I guess it must be generated on the server side. Can this be why my soap request is getting lost? Any suggestions?

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          Alex Boyer Newbie

          I needed all these entries in my service endpoint implementation:
          targetNamespace = "http://company.com/ws/service",
          This is just an example, not the real values. Without all these entries jboss tried to generate things instead of using what I supplied. For instance the reason I was losing my soap request was that a new request wrapper was being generated with a different package. So when my impl method was called it was called with a null request object. My soap message had been bound to the generated request wrapper, not the type of object my impl method required.