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    Jboss ws jaxrpc mapping file.

    Fabien Carrion Newbie


      I am currently implementing the access to a webservice through a service-ref declaration in the DD in Tomcat (http://people.apache.org/list_C.html#fcarrion). And right now I am working on the jaxrpc-mapping-file. This is why I am reading the code of jbossws. This is really well programmed and it helped me a lot in my understanding of the webservice call.

      But I am facing a big problem. I have already written the parser of the jaxrpc-mapping-file, but then I don't know how to use the mapping objects created.

      I saw in jbossws that they are stored in an another object called TypesMetaData. But I don't understant where they are used and how. I know that is a problem that I have because I still doesn't understand completly the jsr109.

      Could you provide me some help? Some technical document?

      Fabien Carrion