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    Integrate Apache with Tomcat/JBoss using mod_jk connector

    Dragos Pavel Newbie

      I have a deployment architecture question:

      We know this:

      # As a native application, the Apache web server is a more efficient
      HTTP server than the Java-based web server included in JBoss AS. That is
      especially true for static contents (e.g., pictures), keep-alive
      requests, and HTTPS requests. It would be ideal to have JBoss AS serve
      up dynamic, database-related content, while having Apache serve static
      content in the same application.
      # Apache has a rich set of modules for almost every aspects of a web
      application, including security, logging, URL rewriting, performance
      enhancement, etc. JBoss AS is rich in supporting business and
      transactional logic, but has fewer features when it comes to
      manipulating HTTP request / response directly.

      If we have a F5 load balancer on top of a apache cluster, then we want to use mod_jk to connect to a JBoss cluster where we will deploy webservices, how do we configure properly the embedded tomcat inside JBoss ? I know the wiki page:
      In your opinion this architecture will work properly for deploying webservices?