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    CommandLink/Button does not work inside region inside ui:rep


      a4j:commandLink and a4j:commandButton do not work if placed inside a region inside a ui:repeat. Instead of calling the action a page refresh is called and an empty page returned. Workaround is to use a4j:repeat. Can anyone verify?

      Richfaces 3.2. Reproduced problem in FF3 Mac, Safari Mac and Windows IE7.

      <ui:repeat value="#{testBean.cities}" var="city">
       #{city} :
       <a:commandLink action="#{testBean.setName('Test1')}" reRender="nameDiv">
       <h:outputText value="this works"/>
       <a:commandLink action="#{testBean.setName('Test2')}" reRender="nameDiv">
       <h:outputText value="this does not work"/>