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    plase help me out from Jboss Web Services complex Type value

    Noor Basha Newbie

      hi friends,

      this is noor, i am using jboss 4.0.5 GA, jbossws 1.2.0 SP1, i have developed a annotated web service, my @web Methiod is having java.util.ArrayList as a return type to my@web method, i have succesfully build this services, and i deployed also,but when i had a look in to my generated WSDL file my method is returning arrayList but it is not a java.util.ArrayList, it is someother user define type,

      here where i structed, please help out from this, i have generated the static client stub also through wstools and config-client.xml file , in that generated stub also i got arrayList named class but it is not from java.util package the class is something else like a user define class which is not having any method in that

      please help me,