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    JbossWs Client and local Bind Address

    mz Newbie

      dear friends,

      i struggle with a strange problem. So I need your help:

      We are using jboss405 with jbossws103. Jboss consumes an external WebService via service-ref:


      Everything works fine, but not in our production environment.

      There are several Jboss-AppServers on a multi-homed (Blade) Server (with its own ip-address x.x.x.245).
      Each Jboss has its own ip-Address (i.e. x.x.x.92), configured via jboss.bind.address. When jboss tries to connect the
      external WebService the socket is bound to the physical Address (x.x.x.245) and not bound to the jboss.bind.address!

      this ist the problemm because the external firewall blocks the request ...
      the socket should be bound to the jboss.bind.address?!
      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance