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    Problem with Context for WSAddressing in Jaxrpc and Jaxws

    Catherine Pires da Silva Newbie


      I noticed some problems in Context injection were mentioned in JBWS-1468 but I don't know which version to use for WSAddressing (and also wsse...).

      When using Jbossws 1.2.0.SP1 (Jboss 4.2.0.CR2) and a servlet endpoint ,I get "IllegalAnnotationException, WebserviceContext is an interface and Jaxb can't handle interfaces"

      When using Jbossws 1.0.3.SP1 with Jboss4.0.5, I get "Error setting response action, Illegal character in path at index xx"
      please may you post a message on the forum about the versions and things to do to be able to use a context.


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          Heiko Braun Master

          Could you provide some code samples? I am not sure if i understand your question.

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            Catherine Pires da Silva Newbie

            thanks for answer.

            I noticed this morning you used up-to-date jars for running your samples , jars that you retrieved from web sites (force.thirdparty.get property in your build.xml), so concerning Jaxws version -with @resource WebServiceContext- I just copied the jars jaxb-api and jaxb-impl instead of the previous older jars of Jboss AS 4.2.0.CR2 and it is ok, injection of WebServiceContext is working.

            I mentioned there are lots of jars retrieved that way. From now I don't know exactly how to constitute a clean environment for our deployment.
            I think it is better to use last version Jboss-1.2.0.SP1 (or may be next Jboss-1.2.1.GA) than version Jboss-1.0.3 I was previously working with.

            So I'm using Jboss 4.0.2.CR2 with Jboss-1.2.0.SP1.

            I'm using WSAddressing for session management, if possible HTTPS and basic authentication (which is easy through context if I remember well), MTOM to get/post binary content. To avoid interoperability problems in the previous version we delivered, we specified our API only through the description of the SOAP messages exchanged; I don't know from the moment how to constitude a SOAP message with a binary part (i.e. to be sent through MTOM instead of SOAP with attachments).
            Do you thing it is possible without risks to propose our API as a web service instead of specifying the soap messages?
            I will write a source code then generate the wsdl so I ask you if the generated wsdl will be compatible with any clients based on any web services stack?
            Our deployment must be done soon so I'm asking you the versions appropriate of JbossAS and JbossWS.

            Thanks a lot