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    Using wstools, how to reference non standrad mapping file in

    Benjamin Flynn Newbie

      Hey all. Using JBoss 4.04, I'm trying to create a jar to store all our web service generated classes and the jaxrpc mapping files; all of which are generated from the wsdl using wstools. This works beautifully if I generate the mapping file as "jaxrpc-mapping.xml" because this is discovered by default, but when I try a unique xml name, and use the jboss 'ServiceFactoryImpl' to specify this file when consuming the web service, I can't find the file. Even worse, it seems like the URL path starts from the jboss/bin folder- how would I tell the system to access an xml file inside a jar file from outside the relative jar? Has anyone been able to do this? I assume since the 'ServiceFactoryImpl' class seems to have been created solely for this purpose that there is indeed a way. Any help would be greatly appreciated- thanks.