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    how to set http header properties

    jim stafford Newbie

      Is there a way for a client to set the properties used in the HTTP client header? I am using jboss 1.0.4 as well as testing with 1.2.1GA.

      We are having a problem with jbossws hanging in between calls to a .NET web service. The problem occurs on or after the second call and clears/completes after a lengthy timeout (and then re-occurs on a subsequent call). The actual call takes ~28secs of processing to complete. The timeouts/re-tries automatically happen (and complete) in about ~90-120secs.

      The.NET server sees no activity during the hang, we have no problems calling other jbossws services and we have no trouble calling the same .NET service from Axis.

      Our deployed code runs in a JBoss 4.0.5 MDB, but we are able to re-create the problem with a stripped down Java SE JUnit environment.

      We'd like to try a work-around by eliminating the "Connection: keep-alive" property from being automatically added in the SOAP call. We are hoping that this will successfully reset the connection between client/server calls. I cannot locate a way to specify HTTP Header properties.