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    WS security : Unprocessed 'mustUnderstand' header element

    Angelo Frascella Newbie


      I'm developing web services using JbossWS 1.0.4.GA in Jboss 4.0.4.GA

      I have to implement the WS-Security.

      So I wrote the jboss-wsse-server, jboss-wsse-client, I updated the web.xml with the <contex-param> tags and the jboss-client with the <config-name> tag, I genarated the truststore and the keystore and I inizialized the system variables for the truststore and the keystore.

      When the client run, it sends a SOAP message encrypted ad it has to do (as I can see using the tcpmon).

      But the WS answers with a fault. It says that there is a

      "Unprocessed 'mustUnderstand' header element: {http://docs.oasis-open.org/wss/2004/01/oasis-200401-wss-wssecurity-secext-1.0.xsd}Security".

      I hope someone help me, because I'm desperate.