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    Jboss ws -  Access data from a table

    Amit Johar Newbie


      I am building a WS using JBOSS WS to access data from a Oracle Table.
      I created an Entity bean to acces the Table and then use a stateless session bean to control the EB and also use it as a webservice Endpoint.

      When i try to fetch all records from table (approx 1500 records) using Webservice it take 2 minutes to display data. I have Verified with the server log that time between Incoming Soap Message and Outgoing Soap Message is not > 20 sec .Does that mean that it is Soap Response(HTTP) that take so much time? Any tips to reduce this.

      Also how can i minimize the Debug in server log for soap message. Now it display the entire soap message Response in the server.log