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    JRE 1.6 on the client - my expeirences

    Patrick Madden Newbie


      Over the last week and a half I was pulling my hair out trying to get Java Web Start client side applications to correctly execute web service calls to the backend on JBoss 4.2.0.GA when the client side JRE was JRE 1.6.x.

      I posted a detailed explanation of how I got everything working on the JBoss Seam forum. Basically I just got lucky and downloaded the JBoss AS 4.2.1 branch code from SVN and the JBoss Web Services 2.0 code on July 7.

      For those interested here is the link to my detailed explanation:


      As stated in my link, I hope this stops others from pulling their hair out as well. I'm 40 now and can't afford to lose anymore :)

      Hope this helps,