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    a4j:mediaOutput and backing bean scope

    Ariel Fernando Newbie

      Hi, I'm working now with mediaOuput component and I found that, if I want to rerender it, this component generate a new instance of backing bean that contain createContent method.

      For example, I have a bean with a property "fileName" (fileName value was input by user). This bean also contain createContent method. The scope is "request" and I use a4j:keepAlive to keep values between request. Thats ok, but, when I try to reRender mediaOutupt, createContent is called, but now fileName is empty because there is a new instance of backing bean, with fileName set to null.

      If change scope to session works fine....but I dont need a session scope and I want to use request scope with keepAlive.

      This is a normal behaivor?. What can I do to use mediaOutput, and refresh it with createContent in a backing bean with request scope?.

      Thanks for all,