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    All example return "String" help me to return Complex type..

    Andrea Andrea Newbie

      HI, now i've installed jems-installer-1.2.0.GA...

      Can help me someone?

      I would like build a service in which the return is a complex type (for example classe Animal or People)...

      Have read a lot of example? all various? but i dont' know one line base to follow?

      I've two class one for service(class A) and one for object to return (class B) i need configuration file?

      i've jbossws tools but when i use wsconsume with wsdl it generate (like i've seen in tutorial) a lot of file about service.

      If there is someone that can help me without milion line of code.. by EJB3 should be build e service and a client...but...

      Thank u