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    How does one create java bean skeleton from WSDL using JBOSS

    Natalie Vaslavsky Newbie

      I am developing a small web service in the JBOSS IDE for eclipse.
      I have created Jobss-IDE/J2EE proect 1.4.
      I have written wsdl and xsd files and I am trying to create java files automatically on the client and server side.
      Using IDE I was able to create java files on the client side.
      I cannot create the same on the server side.
      I right click on wsdl file and then web services/generate java bean skeleton.
      I get screen "Web Services" and message "No server can be found and WebServiceProject does not exist. Choose an existing project or use the preferences to configure a server runtime. "

      I heard that I can use castor to create java bean on the server side.
      PLease help me with creating java classes on the server side.