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    Wrapped vs bare document in User Guide are confusing

    davidchen Newbie

      Hi, there:

      I guess the description in User Guide about Wrapped and Bare document are confusing, and examples are kind of misleading.
      For bare document the example is:

       public SubmitBareResponse submitPO(SubmitBareRequest poRequest)

      while for wrapped document the example is:
       public String submitPO(String product, int quantity)

      However, the bare document style should be "method PARAMETERS represent the entire message body" and the wrapped document should be "the parameters are elements wrapped inside a top-level element".
      It will be way more clear if User Guide can switch the examples in that section.
      Just my 2 cents, I'm a newbie to webservice. Please feel free to correct my above comments if I was wrong.

      Thanks a lot