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    JBossWS 2.0 cannot handle inhertiance

    Raju Koganty Newbie

      I am running JBoss 4.0.5 with JBossWS 2.0 with JDK 1.6.
      JBossWS looks like cannot handle inheritance.

      I have a class GetAllQueryRequest which extends QueryRequest which extends Request.

      I have an EJB3 SLSB with methods :

      public Response executeSyncRequest(Request request)

      public QueryResponse executeSyncRequest1(QueryRequest request)

      public GetAllQueryResponse executeSyncRequest2(GetAllQueryRequest request)

      When I generate the stubs on the client and in Test code call :
      GetAllQueryRequest req = new ObjectFactory().createGetAllQueryRequest();
      GetAllQueryResponse resp = (GetAllQueryResponse)bean.executeSyncRequest(req);

      Eventhough I'm passing GetAllQueryRequest objecton the client..I'm just receiving the Request object on the server side.
      Am I missing something or is this a bug?