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    WSSecurity and client information

    Antti Ropponen Newbie

      I'm very new to JBoss so this one could be very easy.

      I'm making an application that has both ws and servelt interfaces which both uses EJBs fo actual processing. At those web services I'd like to sign pretty much every message, which can be done via jboss-wsse-server/client.xml (?), but how can I get for example the DNs from the signatures to be used at the EJBs?

      Another thing is that I'm using some internal XML files that I'd like to sign with local key form the EJBs, how can I do that or where I could find WSDP 1.5 in JBoss?

      Ps. I've also some minor problems with deployment descriptors, because I can't get my EJBs to work by using ejb-refs (only project/bean/local works as in samples)?