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    JBossWS 1.2.1GA Webservice Webparams set to

    Marc Martin Newbie

      I'm using a pojo webservice on JBoss 4.0.5.GA with JBossWS 1.2.1GA installed over the prepackaged JBossWS libs. With the JBossWS 1.0.1 that comes with
      Jboss 4.0.5 my webservice works fine but with JBossWS 1.2.1 all WebParams are set to the string "null". Unfortunately, I need to use JBossWS 1.2.1 for some other functionality.

      the following webservice returns "null_test" when invoked.
      this looks like a configuration problem but I haven't been able to nail it down.

       @WebService( name = "TestWebService", targetNamespace = http://ws.test.com/", serviceName = "TestWebService")
       public class TestWebService {
       public String testit(@WebParam(name="instring" ) String instring) {
       return instring+"_test";