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    How to get Exception inheritance in my WSDL....

    carlo latasa Newbie


      I'm using wsprovide (an ant task in maven on windows) to generate my wsdl and then wsconsume to generate my client classes. My web service method throws multiple exceptions, some of which extend from each other.

      Unfortunately that inheritance relationship is lost in the generated wsdl (no < extension base...) and of course in the client classes.

      Is there some way to get the wsprovide task to do what I'm asking for? Maybe with an annotation or something specific passed in when I call the task?

      Thanks in advance.

      BTW - there are multiple JIRA items (like: http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBWS-251) that refer to this issue issue. However it doesn't appear that it ever valid or addressed. So I'm wondering if there's something basic that I should be doing? Like digging into the documentation on javaToWSDL which I believe is being used by wsprovide.