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    how to return an empty http response instead of soapmessage

    Ronald van Kuijk Master


      I'm implementing an ebMS 2.0 Message Service Handler with JBossWS 2.0.0 and related frameworks. According to the ebMS 2.0 spec, In all cases a soapmessage is received and in many cases a soapmessage has to be returned. Therefor I choose the 'message' way of communicating. However in some cases an empty response (no soapmessage, just an http 200 ok) has to be returned. First thing I tried was returning 'null' hoping that would do the trick. Unfortunately it didn't.

      I can do several things now
      - do not use the 'message' way but start using the source
      - try something with a soaphandler by e.g. setting the messagecontext to null
      - return a basic soapmessage and write a servletfilter that deletes this if it encounters it

      The first option would result in to much coding (imo), the second might not work and the last one doesn't feel 'right'

      Does anybody have a different suggestion?