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    How do you override soap:address location from WSDL at run t

    Darrell Burns Newbie

      Let's suppose you are running in production, and have a web service running at 1,000 different locations (IP Addresses). You don't want the overhead of having to go pull down the WSDL everytime you get the port, so you statically link with a .WSDL file stored locally. The problem, however, is that the soap:address location is statically defined in the WSDL. So - how does your JBossWS client change the endpoint address (NOT THE WSDL LOCATION) after getting the web service port?

      Example: I have the same web service running at x.x.x.A and at x.x.x.B. So I get the port, and I want to send the same SOAP Request to both servers - why even get the port twice? Just send it to x.x.x.A (assuming that is where the WSDL is pointing to), and then change the endpoint address to x.x.x.B, and using the same port, call the same method again and it should go to x.x.x.B.

      This is what we need to do - does anyone know how to do this? And yes, I know that you can override the WSDL location in the constructor - that isn't what I need to do here. I have been working on this for several days without success.