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    problem with rich:message in IE

    Balázs Zotter Newbie


      I have a big problem. I have a web page, based on richfaces, and I have a modalPane wich will pop up, if everything is OK on the form (so no validation message occured on the page).
      I succesfully solved it and it worked in Firefox, but after it I realized it don't work in Internet Explorer. Here is my solution:

      the commandButton which create the popup:

      <a4j:commandButton value="#{msg.button_borrow_now}"
       oncomplete="modalopen('borrow_form:error', 'popup_borrow_confirm', {width:450, top:200});">

      it calls the modalopen script:

      function modalopen(matchStr, modalPanel, params) {
       var s = document.getElementsByTagName("span");
       for (i=0; i<s.length; i++) {
       if (s.id != null && s.id.match(matchStr) && (s.textContent != '' && s.textContent != undefined)) {
       Richfaces.showModalPanel(modalPanel, params);

      it examins if there are no validation message on the page (every validation message occures as a span tag, and it contains text which is not empty string and not undefined).

      You can see the borrow_form:error parameter. It is important because every rich:message tag's id has this kind of prefix, and in the script I am looking for such span tags, which match. An example:

      <rich:message id="error_requestDeadline" for="input_requestDeadline" ajaxRendered="true" styleClass="error"/>

      So my problem is, if there are validation messages on the richfaces page and I am using Internet Explorer, the validation span tags don't contain any text inside them. It is interesting for me, because the validation messages are visible, but if I search for them in the source of the page, I can't find them at all. So my script can't it either of course. I can't distinguish between the case with validation messages and the case without them, because I can't find the validation message in the source.

      Could anybody help me or suggest a different solution? I hope my description of the problem was clear enough.:)

      Thanks in advance,