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    How generate a WebService using Eclipse with JBossIDE

    Montero Oñate Newbie


      I'm development my first Web Service and I have a lot of problems and doubts as you can see in my topics.

      My enviroment is:

      Eclipse with a JbossIDE version 2.0.2
      Jboss 4.0.5 GA
      JDK 1.5
      Windows NT

      In this enviroment, How can I implement a WebService?? I do it as explain in this page:
      Is a good way?

      And, how can I generate in this enviroment a client with the WSDL of the WebService? I do it, more or less, as explain in this page:

      If I do it like say in this pages I can pass a object as parameter of a service. Searching in Internet I have find that the problem is that I use JAX-RPC and I should use JAX-WS.

      Can anyone explain me how I have to generate the WebService and the client using the library JAX-WS?