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    JBossWS-2.0.1 ignoring @SecurityDomain

    Dean Pullen Novice

      Was using JBossWS out of the box with JBoss 4.2.1GA, but run into some issues - it was recommended to try the new JBossWS-2.0.1.

      The @SecruityDomain was previously mapping to the correct SecruityDomain but is now defaulting to some other value.

      import org.jboss.wsf.spi.annotation.WebContext;
      import org.jboss.annotation.security.SecurityDomain;
      Stateless(name = "NewRegistrationsSession")
      @WebService(endpointInterface = "com.msp.ejb.csi.webservices.newregistrations.NewRegistrationsSession")
      @WebContext(contextRoot = "/webservices", urlPattern = "/*", authMethod = "BASIC",
       transportGuarantee = "NONE", secureWSDLAccess = false)
      public class NewRegistrationsSessionBean

      The SecurityDomain is set to 'sys-server-login' but it is actually using 'server-login' which is another SecurityDomain. It was previously working ok.

      Any ideas why?