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    Rich Tool Tip comes below the Drop down box

    TV Ramprasadh Newbie

      In a Search Form, we have multiple drop down controls (Select one menu) one below the other and with captions. For some of the captions associated we have rich tool tip.
      This is housed inside a ajax output panel. When we move the mouse over to see the tool tip, BUT the portion of the tool tip that overlaps the drop down control appears below the drop down box.

      Pl let me know how to resolve this.

      tool tip code snippet:
      <a:jsfGraphicImage id="graphic1" value="...some image"/>
      <a:richHelpToolTip followMouse="true" direction="top-right" >
      <f:facet name="header">
      <a:jsfOutputText value="xxx"/>
      <a:jsfOutputTextHelp value="xxxxxxxx"/>

      Additional Info: If we use Rich Combo instead of select one menu, then it works fine but rich combo functionality cant be used as a select component as itr has issues. Combo cannot display labels and have values and Combo doesnt work in Opera browser properly ( unable to select value in Opera)

      Pl help